Future of financial Statement Spreading

End your financial spreading nightmares with KLAARA

Are you facing these problems too?

Too much manual work

required for extraction of data from lengthy documents!

Too much time

taken to do financial spreading for your financial analysis!

A lot of errors

on your financial analysis due to long hours of manual data entry

Our solutions


KLAARA, an AI-Powered automation solution that helps you to extract any key information from financial statements to assist you in your analysis.

Productivity & Speed

Financial spreading is done at the fraction of the normal time taken manually. It is highly accurate and standardised.

Saves Time & Money

We save you time. Employees no longer have to spend copious amounts of time on menial tasks, more time can actually be done on financial analysis


KLAARA is is the perfect tool to optimize your processes related to financial spreading and public company notes, together with supplemental text data.

Extract any information in financial statements, including the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and tables in Notes .

Analyzes financial data automatically and maps it with any inhouse standard taxonomy.​

Done via sector exposure; Non-Performing Loans (NPL); Valuation.

  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment options;
  • State-of-the-art encryption;
  • Seamelss integration with accounting and ERP systems;
  • API-based integration with RPA;

Multilingual capability:

  • Korean
  • Chinese (simplified and traditional)
  • Japanese
  • Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia.
KLAARA AI-Powered Solution Other Traditional Financial Database
B/S, P/L, C/F (Historical) Public, private companies & SMEs Public company only
B/S, P/L, C/F (Latest) Public, private companies & SMEs
Notes Public, private companies & SMEs
Text Mining Public, private companies & SMEs
Mapping with Chart of Accounts (COSA) or any in-house standard taxonomy

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